Charlotte Sody Roblox Music Video

Charlotte Sody Roblox Music Video Слушать mp3. Музыку загрузил Dranistic. Продолжительность песни составляет 4 мин 5 сек. Так же ниже на странице вы найдете новинки бесплатные mp3 песни и клипы, приятного прослушивания.

Оригинальное описание:

Hey everyone!!

I finally decided to use this song after planning to use it since the summer!! Here, we take a closer look at Heather's past, as well as her childhood friend, Charlotte! Consider this a Part 2 to Buzzcut Season.

Both girls went to the same elementary school and became best friends after Charlotte defended Heather from her childhood bully, Blaire (yup, same girl who was formerly with Christian in the I'm so Tired MV). After being best friends for many years, Charlotte unfortunately had to move away as her father continuously travelled places in his music career. Several years later, she once again moves back to Heather's neighborhood who throughout this time, wonders if her childhood friend has changed.

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Song: Charlotte - Sody

Animation: Moon Animation Suite 2.0 through Roblox Studio
Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 14
Recording: Fraps
Thumbnail: Photoshop

Colorings Used:
- Southside - Barbalas9296
- Ashes - Barbalas9296

yes, Josh is Charlotte's father (his past was revealed in the older mv)
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