Feng Shui Money Music Attract Money Fast Money Subliminal Affirmations 432Hz Law Of Attraction

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Powerful money music: attract money fast with this feng shui money music. "I Am a Money Magnet" subliminal affirmations combined with the 432Hz frequency help you experience the power of The Law Of Attraction & start attracting money fast. This meditation combines powerful money music, subliminal affirmations, binaural beats and 432 Hz "Miracle Tone". Feng Shui golden money frog is used for better visualization.

This session contains several powerful techniques that will help you to experience the power of the Law of Attraction:
► Audio subliminal messages (1024 voices, different volume. You cannot hear them)
► Visual subliminal messages (some examples are listed below)
► Spoken affirmations - supraliminal messages (3 voices). They're silent, but you can hear them. No need to focus on these voices: we have intentionally recorded them this way - slightly above the threshold of conscious perception.
► 432Hz solfeggio frequency ("Miracle tone"). Helps you to activate your subconscious mind for getting unexpected wealth and to get rid of negative subconscious beliefs, negative energy and thoughts
► Alpha, beta and theta binaural beats are interchanging each other throughout the meditative audio track to make subliminal messages even more effective.
► Meditation music. I will help you to get rid of negative beliefs and to manifest your wishes with ease
► Relaxing ocean sounds

This meditation video will help you to manifest wealth and attract money on a subconscious level. In addition to the "I AM" money affirmations it also contains some general ones, that will help you to liberate from negative subconsious beliefs and fears. Use this manifestation session for 30-60 days and you will start noticing, that you start manifesting all your wishes and dreams. It literally works as a powerful money mantra.

Relax, take a deep breath and start listening to this session.

While listening to this recodrding, visualize the changes happening (visualizing for the first 5-10 minutes will be enough). Then you can just listen to it while you do your routine tasks: play games, read news, surf the web, etc.
It is also extremely effective if used while you sleep.

Duration: 4 to 60 Weeks.

Our destiny is maintained at an unconscious level of mind. "You get what you believe in" - this is the main principle of The Law Of Attraction.


Below we list some of the subliminal messages used in this session (there are over 1200 subliminal messages in this session, we don't list all of them here):
I attract money in expected and unexpected ways,
I attract money fast,
I relax my mind and body,
I attract success,
Money is my servant,
I attract positive energy,
I have the will and the drive to succeed,
I attract wealth like a magnet,
I let my desires flow to me,
I am thankful for my many successes,
I attract success and abundance,
I am wonderful,
Money flow to me in expected and unexpected ways,
My life is full of abundant success,
I trust my inner guidance,
I am ready to receive unexpected money,
I am limitless,
Prosperity is drawn to me,
Money comes to me easily and effortlessly,
I am powerful,
I am a money magnet,
I am increasingly confident,
Money is my servant,
Every day I live my dream,
I am made with a purpose of doing great things,
everything is good right here right now,
each day is a gift and I gratefully accept it,
I am enough,
I attract good people,
I am acting on inspiration and insights,
I attract positive vibrations,
I attract money,
Money creates positive impact in my life,
I am motivated,
my behavior is aligned with my state of mind,
I am a magnet for money,
Money flows to me in abundance,
Others see me as a very successful person,
I can handle massive success with grace,
I am prepared to succeed,
I am allowing my soul to sparkle,
I attract abundance,
I can handle massive success with grace,
I attract success and good fortune,
Wealth constantly flows into my life,
I am self-confident,
I live a prosperous life,
I always think positively and achieve great things,
I am fearless in all that I do,
I am ready to receive unexpected wealth,
I always think positively and achieve great things,
I attract success in all areas of my life,
I am the only one who can stop me,
I follow my intuition,

For even more impressive results, combine this meditation video with other subliminal sessions from our channel. The link to our previous "Receive unexpected wealth" session is:

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