Nai Palm Homebody Cover

Nai Palm Homebody Cover Слушать mp3. Музыку загрузил 2haiti. Продолжительность песни составляет 4 мин 15 сек. Так же ниже на странице вы найдете новинки бесплатные mp3 песни и клипы, приятного прослушивания.

Оригинальное описание:

Hey, after 2-3 years... Yes I'm still playing... I'd like to think I got a little better. Started a Doctorate program mid summer last year and this song helped me to navigate through the troubles of my mind, both with the stressors in school and in my everyday life.

Be happy & find joy in any place you can... Even if it has to come from within. It especially should come from within. That's what this song means to me.

Have a good one!!
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