Numb Linkin Park Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Numb Linkin Park Fingerstyle Guitar Cover Слушать mp3. Музыку загрузил SuperMisterKory. Продолжительность песни составляет 3 мин 3 сек. Так же ниже на странице вы найдете новинки бесплатные mp3 песни и клипы, приятного прослушивания.

Оригинальное описание:

Decided to film this one on my balcony - figured the mountains are a much better background than my bedroom walls, who'd have thought? Loved learning this one. Displays a nice array of different fingerstyle techniques all in one song and it was one of those I never get bored of playing. Definitely one of my favourites so far!


This is a cover of an original fingerstyle cover transcribed by the great James Bartholomew, who I strongly advise you check out. He is much better than me.
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