Snippet Sessions The Benefits Of Reading Aloud

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A short video about the advantages of reading aloud to your children.

At a young age, children can look at pictures – they are attracted to images and colours, they listen to your voice when you talk, and utter sounds in response to what they see or hear. Reading aloud plays a vital role in developing bonds and nurturing growth. You can guide children by pointing to pictures and saying the names of various objects that you both see. By drawing attention to these pictures and associating them with words that refer to real-world objects, children learn the importance of language.

Children first learn to love the sound of language before they even notice the existence of printed words on a page. Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding. It also helps them develop language and listening skills, as well as prepare them to understand the written word. When the rhythm and melody of language become a part of a child's life, learning to read will come as natural as learning to walk and talk.

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