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Studying At Home Real Time W Music Слушать mp3. Музыку загрузил tbhstudying. Продолжительность песни составляет 27 мин 17 сек. Так же ниже на странице вы найдете новинки бесплатные mp3 песни и клипы, приятного прослушивания.

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hello there! apologies for my absence; i've just had loads of school and personal work to deal with. i tried to sit down and edit this video super quick so that you guys could have a study buddy to work with :") basically, the idea is to study along with the video and to take a quick study break when the video is done! i promise that things like my april plan with me video and ipad video have all been filmed. it's just taking some time to edit. thanks for your patience and understanding
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