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While The Secret video and books brought the law of attraction, also known as the law of the universe, to mainstream audiences in the early 2000s, it is a much older practice. One hundred years before The Secret was released, there was another book by William Walter Atkinson, going into detail about the power of thoughts. Go back even further, and the law of attraction is also apparent in Buddha's teachings.

If you pull away all the excess information and hype that has been heaped on the law of attraction over the centuries, you will find a very simple concept. Like attracts like. To add a little more context, you must accept that everything you see is made of energy and that the energy inside of everything vibrates at a different frequency. A person can train their mind to channel these energies and vibrations through meditation. Focusing on the desired outcome and acting in a manner that says, "this has already occurred" changes the frequency a person vibrates. This new way of being (vibrating) will attract things that vibrate at the same frequency. For this reason, it is crucial to focus on positive things, focusing on negative things, such as illness or losing a job, can cause these things to be attracted to you.

Meditation is often the first step on the path to mastering the law of attraction, this is because meditation is often the first step in learning to control thoughts and emotions. There is quite a history of people utilizing things like crystals, or talismans to help them with their journey to manifestation, and while these may help they are not required. Simple things to start with are verbal affirmations and creative visualizations, which could be as simple as vocalizing allowed what you desire and making up a collage with pictures of what that will look like once it has occurred. Please read on our website more on visualizatation and law of attraction meditation here

Benefits of Using 432 Hz-Tuned Music

432 Hz tuned music comes with a number of benefits as highlighted below.
1. Verdi's A is viewed to resonate with nature. As a result, it can restore one's mental and spiritual well being as well as repairing DNA.
2. Its natural existence creates harmony among listeners.
3. It prevents the listener from psychotic symptoms paranoia and anxiety that are associated with 440 Hz.
4. Its softness and clarity are ear-friendly as there is no need to play loud music. That would be necessary for other tuning options. Ear damages are highly minimized.
5. Noise pollution is minimized as well. Music played at 432 Hz is calmer, clearer giving a more musical picture.
6. A symbol of unity with the universe. Origin of 432 Hz is linked to numerical numbers used in ancient times. It is unifying in nature offering great relaxation to the listener.

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