What Is Ambient Music The Most Elusive Genre

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On this channel, we play a variety of background music and talk about different music genres. Today we will reveal the secrets of Ambient, understand the idea behind John Cage's 4'33'' piece, and what is the difference between Ambient, Drone, Chillout, and Downtempo music.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell which genre you’d like us to break down deeper. There is a lot more we want to cover and if this video gets enough likes and comments, a new one will come out sooner. If you want some music to help you work, study, or to be inspired, check out our special featured playlists.

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⌚ Timestamps
► 0:00 4'33'' Performances
► 0:51 4'33'' Explanation
► 1:19 Sonic Experiments
► 1:38 Ambient Term
► 2:30 Japanese Scene
► 3:17 Elements Of Ambient
► 3:48 Ambient Subgenres
► 5:48 Deep Listening

- Sensitize - Remember This Summer
- A Cerulean State - Nov 13th
- Magdalene Flowers - I Watched You Bleed With My Hands Bound
- Caduceus - Grace
- Twisted Perspective, Ayan Das - Moonlit River
- Factory - Home

- Nemo Studios |
- Barbican | An introduction to Ambient Music
- John Cage | Official Website
- Brian Eno | Music For Airports Interview
- Pauline Oliveros | The difference between hearing and listening
- KEXP | Mogwai - Full Performance Live
- Thomann | Creating Ambient Music With Field Recordings
- Aphex Twin | Printworks, London

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